Some useful websites Practical Diction for Classical Singers. Text readings of songs and arias by native speakers, in-depth video tutorials, podcasts, lyric diction webinars. and 104: SDU Tutorial-Auvergnat-Baïlèro. Elizabeth Brodovitch with Ellen Rissinger. Mundo Arts specializes in Latin American and Iberian vocal music: art songs in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Indigenous languages.

National Association of Teachers of Singing. NATS is the largest association of singing teachers in the world, with members in more than twenty-five countries. NATS publishes the Journal of Singing, an excellent resource for singing teachers. Voice and lyric diction resources for singers and teachers: workbooks for private and class voice teaching of lyric diction languages including Russian, Latin, and English, phonetic readings, IPA handbook for singers.


Quotation: Houle