Windows users: One good hand held device is the Sony IC Recorder: ICD-P520. It comes with a program that helps you transfer your recordings from the recording device to your computer so that you can send them to your coach. The coach can also make recordings and send them to you in the same way.

OS X users: Your computer may have come with Garage Band. If so, you can use it with your built-in microphone to record yourself. If you do not have a built-in microphone and do not have a microphone mini jack on your computer, the Griffin iMic ( is a good and economical choice. It connects to your USB port and you can plug a computer microphone (any microphone with a minijack) into the Griffin iMic. It also comes with Final Vinyl, a very simple recording program.

All users: If you want to record on your computer and you do not have Garage Band or some other recording program, a good free one is Audacity, which can be downloaded at You will still need a microphone, either external or built in.

Making the recording
If you are using a hand-held device, you may need to refer to the manual (for your device or recording program) in order to make a recording and then transfer it to your computer.

You may record using the following formats: mp3 (smallest), aif (or aiff) or wav.

Sending the recording
Once you have a recording, you need to be able to send it. If you have an mp3 file of not more than 5 minutes long, you may send it directly as a personal email attachment from your computer.

For audio files larger than the above (including mp3 files), please download and use the free version of YouSendIt. Click on DOWNLOADING AND USING YouSendIt for information on maximum recording length of mp3, aif/f and wav audio files sent via YouSendIt.