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Chants d'Auvergne: Individual songs

Elizabeth                             Lori
  Brodovitch                          McCann           

Each song includes IPA transcription, English and French translation, Pronunciation, Text, and Musical Notes. Available for a cost of $5.00 per song.

To order, contact the authors directly. Upon confirmation of receipt of payment you will receive as an email attachment a PDF copy of each ordered song. Be sure to identify the requested songs with Series, Song, and Title. We look forward to assisting you with these beautiful songs in the Auvergnat dialect. Thank-you!

   Series 1

Song 1. La pastoura als camps
Song 2. Baïlèro
Song 3a. Trois bourrées: L’aïo dè rotso
Song 3b. Trois bourrées: Ound’onorèn gorda?
Song 3c. Trois bourrées: Obal, din lou Limouzi (See Auvergnat Manual)

   Series 2

Song 1. Pastourelle
Song 2. L’Antouèno
Song 3. La pastrouletta è lou chibalié
Song 4. La delaïssádo
Song 5a. Bourrée: N’aï pas iéu de mîo
Song 5b. Bourrée: Lo calhé

   Series 3

Song 1. Lo fiolairé
Song 2. Passo pel prat (Grande)
Song 3. Lou boussu
Song 4. Brezairola (Berceuse)
Song 5. Malurous qu’o uno fenno

   Series 4

Song 1. Jou l’pount d’o Mirabel
Song 2. Oï ayaï
Song 3. Pour l’enfant
Song 4. Chut, chut
Song 5. Pastorale
Song 6. Lou coucut

   Series 5

Song 1. Obal, din lo coumbèlo (Chanson de la Pernette)
Song 2. Quand z’eyro petitoune
Song 4. Hé! Beyla-z-y dau fé
Song 5. Postouro, sé tu m’aymo
Song 6. Tè, l’co, tè!
Song 7. Uno jionto postouro
Song 8. Lou diziou bé

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